Name Description
ArrayIterator No description available EMPTY
Exception No description available EMPTY


Name Description
AclException Acl Exception EMPTY


Name Description
Application Application EMPTY


Name Description
ApplicationException Application Exception EMPTY
BadRequestException BadRequest Exception EMPTY
ForbiddenException Forbidden Exception EMPTY
NotAcceptableException Not Acceptable Exception EMPTY
NotAllowedException Not Allowed Exception EMPTY
NotFoundException NotFound Exception EMPTY
NotImplementedException NotImplemented Exception EMPTY
RedirectException Redirect Exception EMPTY
UnauthorizedException Unauthorized Exception EMPTY


Name Description
AbstractRow Abstract class for Auth\Row EMPTY
AbstractRowEntity Abstract class for Users\Row EMPTY
AbstractTable Abstract class for Auth\Table EMPTY
Auth Auth class EMPTY
AuthException Auth Exception EMPTY


Name Description
Collection Collection is array :) EMPTY
Nil It's just null class EMPTY
Str Line is string :) EMPTY


Name Description
CommonException Basic Exception for Bluz framework EMPTY
ComponentException Exception throws by component for wrong requirements EMPTY
ConfigurationException Exception throws by component for wrong configuration EMPTY


Name Description
Config Config EMPTY
ConfigException Config Exception EMPTY


Name Description
Controller Statement EMPTY
ControllerException ControllerException EMPTY
Data Data EMPTY
Meta Meta information from reflection of the function EMPTY


Name Description
AbstractMapper Mapper for controller EMPTY
Crud Crud EMPTY
Link Link EMPTY
Rest Rest EMPTY


Name Description
AbstractCrud Crud EMPTY
CrudException CRUD Exception EMPTY
Table Crud Table EMPTY


Name Description
Db PDO wrapper EMPTY
Relations Relations map of Db tables EMPTY
Row Db Table Row EMPTY
Table Table EMPTY


Name Description
DbException Exception for Db package EMPTY
InvalidPrimaryKeyException Invalid Primary Key Exception EMPTY
RelationNotFoundException Relation Not Found Exception EMPTY
TableNotFoundException Table Not Found Exception EMPTY


Name Description
AbstractBuilder Query Builders classes is responsible to dynamically create SQL queries Based on Doctrine QueryBuilder code EMPTY
CompositeBuilder Class Expression Builder EMPTY
Delete Builder of DELETE queries EMPTY
Insert Builder of INSERT queries EMPTY
Select Builder of SELECT queries EMPTY
Update Builder of UPDATE queries EMPTY


Name Description
Event Representation of an event EMPTY
EventException Exception EMPTY
EventManager Event manager EMPTY


Name Description
Data Grid Data EMPTY
Grid Grid EMPTY
GridException Exception EMPTY


Name Description
AbstractSource Adapter EMPTY
ArraySource Array Source Adapter for Grid package EMPTY
SelectSource SQL Source Adapter for Grid package EMPTY
SqlSource SQL Source Adapter for Grid package EMPTY


Name Description
CacheControl HTTP Cache Control EMPTY
RequestMethod RequestMethod EMPTY
StatusCode HTTP Status Codes with translation table EMPTY


Name Description
Layout Layout EMPTY


Name Description
Logger Logger EMPTY


Name Description
Mailer Wrapper over PHPMailer EMPTY
MailerException Exception EMPTY


Name Description
Messages Realization of Flash Messages EMPTY


Name Description
Acl Proxy to Acl EMPTY
Auth Proxy to Auth EMPTY
Cache Proxy to Cache EMPTY
Config Proxy to Config EMPTY
Db Proxy to Db EMPTY
EventManager Proxy to EventManager EMPTY
HttpCacheControl Proxy to Http\CacheControl EMPTY
Layout Proxy to Layout EMPTY
Logger Proxy to Logger EMPTY
Mailer Proxy to Mailer EMPTY
Messages Proxy to Messages EMPTY
Registry Proxy to Registry EMPTY
Request Proxy to Request EMPTY
Response Proxy to Response EMPTY
Router Proxy to Router EMPTY
Session Proxy to Session EMPTY
Translator Proxy to Translator EMPTY


Name Description
Registry Registry EMPTY


Name Description
RequestFactory Request Factory EMPTY


Name Description
AttachmentResponse Class AttachmentResponse EMPTY
Response Response Container EMPTY


Name Description
Router Router EMPTY
RouterException Exception EMPTY


Name Description
Session Session EMPTY
SessionException Exception EMPTY


Name Description
AbstractAdapter Abstract session handler EMPTY
Cache Cache session handler EMPTY
Redis Redis session handler EMPTY


Name Description
Translator Translator based on gettext library EMPTY


Name Description
Validator Validator EMPTY
ValidatorChain Chain of Validators EMPTY
ValidatorForm Validator Builder EMPTY


Name Description
ComponentException Component Exception EMPTY
ValidatorException Validator Exception EMPTY


Name Description
AbstractCompareRule Abstract rule of compare EMPTY
AbstractCtypeRule Abstract ctype rules EMPTY
AbstractFilterRule Abstract rule for filters EMPTY
AbstractRule Abstract validation rule EMPTY
AlphaNumericRule Check for alphanumeric character(s) EMPTY
AlphaRule Check for alphabetic character(s) EMPTY
ArrayRule Check for array EMPTY
BetweenInclusiveRule Check for value in range between minimum and maximum values EMPTY
BetweenRule Check for value in range between minimum and maximum values EMPTY
CallbackRule Check input by callback EMPTY
ConditionRule Check input by condition EMPTY
ContainsRule Check for contains EMPTY
ContainsStrictRule Check for contains EMPTY
CountryCodeRule Check for country code EMPTY
CreditCardRule Check credit card number by Mod10 algorithm EMPTY
DateRule Check for date EMPTY
DomainRule Check for domain EMPTY
EmailRule Check for email EMPTY
EqualsRule Check input data by compare with some value EMPTY
EqualsStrictRule Check input data by compare with some value EMPTY
FloatRule Check float EMPTY
InRule Check for value in set EMPTY
InStrictRule Check for value in set EMPTY
IntegerRule Check for iInteger EMPTY
IpRule Check for IP EMPTY
JsonRule Check for JSON EMPTY
LatinNumericRule Check for latin and numeric character(s) EMPTY
LatinRule Check for latin character(s) EMPTY
LengthRule Check for length in range between minimum and maximum values EMPTY
LessOrEqualRule Check for maximum EMPTY
LessRule Check for maximum EMPTY
MoreOrEqualRule Check for minimum EMPTY
MoreRule Check for minimum EMPTY
NegativeRule Check for negative number EMPTY
NoWhitespaceRule Check for no whitespaces EMPTY
NotEmptyRule Check for not empty EMPTY
NumericRule Check for numeric EMPTY
PositiveRule Check for positive number EMPTY
RegexpRule Check string by regular expression EMPTY
RequiredRule Check required EMPTY
SlugRule Check for slug by regular expressions EMPTY
StringRule Check for string EMPTY
VersionRule Check for version format EMPTY


Name Description
View View - simple template engine with native PHP syntax EMPTY
ViewException Exception EMPTY